That’s right somewhere in the mist of growing up someone said “if you work hard and treat people kind, good things will happen to you”…THEY FUCKING LIED!

Truth is no one owes you shit! It took me forever to break this enttiled feeling that I deserve everything I wanted. To be fair on social media i was being told i could. It’s a disease honestly, i mean look I’m not saying to not set goals or look forward to the things you set out for. But get out of your head that you deserve it Because you were born or because you are a good person or you treat people the way your want to be treated. Unfortunately none of that means shit to the next bitch.

I truly believe being “good“ is a great trait to have. I also know that “treating people kindly” does have a positive affect on your relationships with others. But the expectations that those things will always get me where i need to be left a while ago. People are people and ultimately we can expect them to do what feels right to them , and that might not always be lined up with me or you.

Consider the fact that some people see the glass half full instead of half empty.

Not to mention some people just suck monkey dick!

I think a lot of people get down on them selves when they take L’s because they really wanted something so badly. But that loss isn’t the end of the journey ya know? It’s another stepping stone to a yes or a different path.

Take me for example I wanted to model, i literally went to agencies got head shots did some mediocre work to get my foot in the door. No! on top of No! I didn’t have the look or the body or simply the finances to commit full time. The door closed in my face multiple time and honestly it was so discouraging. I felt defeated so many times.

I did take something from that journey. I took a knowledge of angles and lighting, and started taking my own photos. I learned how to edit and clean up my own photography. I watched YouTube videos on how to create cinematic movement while filming videos. I now run the social media for my company i work for. I also create all of the Intrepid Fitness Co content you know and love.

If you work hard and treat people kindly that doesn’t mean you won’t fail, it means you will know how to fail and overcome.

You will learn how to take the good from what you loss and let forward you into your ultimate goal!

Its all about perception baby!

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